Jillian’s First Album Dreams Released in Summer 2015

Jillian Kerr’s debut album Dreams features 6 orginial tracks written during the course of her undergraduate degree in Carleton’s Folk music program. The album was recorded near Jillian’s cottage in Barry’s Bay Ontario and was released October 17, 2015.

Contributing artists on the album included:

  • Jason Deroche- electric guitar on Cold Winter
  • Jerry Kerr (aka. My dad)- acoustic guitar solo on The Sassy Song and electric guitar on Dreams
  • Kirk Harber- jangly acoustic guitar track on Sassy Song
  • Mackenzie DiMillo- vocal harmonies on all songs
  • Marisa Frantz- violin on Room of Blue
  • Ron Resmer- electric guitar on Dreams and The Road
  • Terry Mask- bass, drums, percussion and keyboard on all tracks except for Sassy Song and Room of Blue